A Brand That Everyone's Lovin'- It Fed Generations of Youth

We all have great memories when we head to McDonald's - even if it's just for the same delicious regulars.

2/8/20233 min read

McDonalds A Brand That Fed Generations
McDonalds A Brand That Fed Generations


It’s always a happy thing for a kid to enter McDonald’s. You have your Happy Meals, where surprises always await you. What kind of toy would you get? What surprises would your brothers/sisters get? Will they share it with you? Those are probably the things that you think of when having your meal inside a McDonald's.

McDonald’s also hold gatherings for various events that are children-related, like your birthday. To us, our trip to McDonald’s will always be a delightful occasion. Fun, fun, pure fun is the definition of McDonald’s when we were young.

The Menu That You Always Knew and Loved

Sooner or later, your trip to McDonald’s will be a breeze, because each time you look at the menu, you see your favorite burger sets, together with other items that you’re already familiar with. Filet-o-Fish, McChicken, McSpicy, paired with fries and a drink of choice. Same ol’ menu, but always the great taste you remember.

Even their breakfast taste as great as their lunch/dinner menu. That is how strict McDonald is with their quality control over their franchisees.

Some new items would be added on certain festive occasions, yet most of these items are even better than the original menu, they warrant another comeback the next season.

Who Wouldn’t Recognise the McDonald’s Icon

The famous clown carved to the bench outside of a McDonald’s. That’s the standard one we would see when we arrive at a branch. Just like Colonel Sanders, Ronald the clown is the face of McDonald’s.

But no one can deny that the Golden Arc shines bright when a McDonald’s comes to mind.

Delivery is Essential to McDonald’s Operations

Not only McDonald’s is affordable and delicious, but it is also convenient. Those who barely have time to get down from their cars, always have the option to make their way to the drive thru.

Especially during the mornings. I always see colleagues arriving at the workplace with a McDonald’s item.

Not feeling like physically attending a McDonald’s? No worries, their delivery service got you covered, even before Grabfood existed in your city.

McDonalds and Cultural Differences

Ever noticed no matter where you travel, you are sure to find different items for each McDonald’s?

In Taiwan, you get breakfast that has genuine pork fillet, in Thailand you get to choose from another form of pork burger as well, while in Singapore you don’t have those. Instead, you have special items like Nasi Lemak burgers to celebrate national day.

McDonald’s do cater for cultural differences for different countries, and I believe that this is part of why they are thriving as well.

Appealing to local tastes and perfecting them is what they do.

Offers That Are Always Hard to Resist

If you have a McDonald’s app with you, or even a McDonald’s voucher at any point in time, you’ll notice that their promotional offers are often as juicy as their menu items.

A 1-for-1? Already saw plenty of those. Free items even for burger? Redeemed the moment I see one. Points-based redemption? A lot of great deals on that too.

McDonald’s always generous with their promotions. I’m truly lovin’ the offers.

Please keep them coming sir.

Modern and Chic Place to Hang Out

What’s more, McDonald’s copy and pasted the 21st century trend of blooming café culture, offering their own McCafé branded, high-quality brews of coffee to the masses.

These coffees, cakes and artisanal sandwiches do not disappoint. Keeping up with the trend and offering high quality items at super cheap price than the market? You don’t need to look far than the McDonald’s near you.

Along with McCafés in restaurants, came the need to design them in a chic, clean and modern look. Not wanting to queue to place an order? Absolutely no problem, just place your orders through the self-service kiosk and select ‘Table Service’.

These all hit the right spots for customers who just need a cosy and comfortable environment to enjoy their simple meals, in a convenient way too.

Closing Thought

If you ever see a franchise fast food restaurant faring well, McDonald’s is certainly one of them.

They uphold quality and service to the highest standards for a fast-food chain, streamlined quality and training over their franchisees, and continue to put out our favourite festive or new items based on their impeccable marketing.

Moreover, these restaurants are giving customers the modern and chic vibes of a modern Café whenever they visit, so they know that whenever they just want to find a place comfy enough to chill out, McDonald’s is the one option they can count on.

I’m definitely Lovin’ It.