A Brand That's So Big That It's So Common To Run Into, Each Day

Who hasn't heard of Coca Cola, honestly speaking.

Ian Ng

3/1/20232 min read

There is no more introduction needed for this brand – You can’t miss it no matter where you go.

Right from the beginning, Coca-Cola made quite an impression in our hearts and minds.

Remember right after school, you would rush to the canteen to grab one of these? Under the hot sun, in a tropical country, Coca Cola simply makes you feel refreshed.

And those alluring ads.

Those perfectly crafted CGI liquids and red, blending seamlessly with each other, gets our attention every time.

Even if they appeared on billboards, the feeling of quenching thirst shoots right up our throats whenever we pass by these ads.

The Drink That Transcends Culture, and Time

Coca-Cola has no equivalent in traditional Asian-made joy drinks. But one does not need an acquired taste to know how good Coca Cola is.

The simplicity and quality of the taste itself appeals to the masses.

No matter how old you are, you’ll still enjoy the same great taste of Coca Cola at every single point of your life.

What Do You Taste in Coca Cola? Most Likely, It’s Happiness

While root beer is in another class of its own, no other liquids that you drink is comparable to the taste of Coca Cola.

Bubbly, crispy with just the right amount of sweetness, it is a luxury for kids that beg their parents to buy for them.

Happiness is the feeling with each sip.

Just as how they advertised it on different platforms.

The Brand Always Improves Its Offerings Based on Demand

As the years go by, Coca Cola evolved with consumer needs.

The realisation of a healthier lifestyle led the company to innovate and come up with versions that contain less sugar and now, even Zero Sugar that taste as good as the Classics.

I do enjoy the less and zero sugar ones, as much as the original.

Coca Cola is Everywhere, Literally

Do tell me the places you could not find a bottle or can of Coca Cola, where eateries or convenience stores are. It’s a low chance that happens. Coke’s strong distribution ensures you can simply get it at the convenience store across the street.

They are best partners with fries and burgers too.

This brand has been in partnership with McDonald’s and every other fast food brands’ fountains for as long as one remembers.

Reputation Built Over Extended Periods of Time

This brand now holds a status where no other competitors are great enough to rattle its market share. The decades-long reputation built around this brand allows for creativity in every way they choose to market them, and when new ads come out, we just take them in so long as they bring us joy.

That’s how marketable this brand is right now.