AirBnB - Rental That Started The Travel Craze

Once upon a time, expensive hotel stays held people back from proceeding with their travel bookings. The idea of AirBnB opened up travel opportunites for many.

Ian Ng

6/12/20242 min read

white bed linen with throw pillows
white bed linen with throw pillows

Hotel Stays Took Up A Big Portion Of Travel Budgets

Hotels are inevitable when one is planning for travel.

More often than not, hotel stay for a night will have already swallowed up a big chunk of someone's budget.

Something else that people do not necessarily need: hotels with the right price, but located in most inconvenient of places.

Travel is a luxury for most, until an affordable yet equally comfortable option surfaced: AirBnB.

Experience Travel, Like A Local

Over time, travellers want to spend time heading to places that are unique, not just areas that are covered on an itinerary.

AirBnB could provide that kind of experience, either seated within that area of interest, or through a local host that can provide exploration tips to their guests.

Living in a place that literally is home, plus the cleanliness and comfort provided by hosts, is a huge advantage AirBnB has over standard hotels.

It All Started Out With A Rental Idea

AirBnB had its humble beginnings, when 2 design students had to find a way to pay their rent, so they rented out their apartment, and put in an air mattress.

Turns out there was demand for the apartment they rented out, and these potential renters are serious about renting this place.

And with time, home owners also actively participated in renting out spaces for extra income, or sharing local experiences.

The idea turned into AirBnB, and it disrupted the traditional hotel industry and what they had to offer back then.

Focused and High Quality Reviews

With AirBnB focused on individual listings instead of different units of a single hotel, the reviews come harder and faster.

Comfortable and clean rental places gets lots of good and trustable reviews, compared to hotels that can have a mixture of both good and bad reviews.

This makes making rental decisions more precise, swift, and well-informed.

The Sharing Economy

AirBnB fits perfectly into what is called the sharing economy.

This point in time is where movies can be streamed on multiple devices, co-working spaces are a trend, and as what the business represents, a budget-friendly stay is possible even if one can't do it on a normal occasion.

The sharing economy is a great enabler for what isn't remotely possible in normal circumstances.

And this gives the widest opportunity available for one to experience travel, even once in their lifetime.

A thousand miles begins when moving one foot forward.

Whenever you think of how you are able to constantly travel on a great budget, just remember some brands made it possible.