Din Tai Fung - The Premium Chinese Restaurant Brand That Made Its Mark on The World

Din Tai Fung tastes great regardless of location. Source: everyone that went.

Ian Ng

3/13/20242 min read

brown wooden round bowl with food
brown wooden round bowl with food

The Love For Dim Sum

When it comes to Chinese cuisine, the world sure loves their dim sum.

Dim Sum popped up in Google search in large volumes, timeline: since forever.

Also, wherever there is a Chinatown, Dim Sum is surely the standard Chinese meal to be had.

That is a huge market for Din Tai Fung to chase after.

Din Tai Fung's Business - Not-So-Typical Dim Sum

Din Tai Fung surely delved into one of the most popular Chinese cuisines in the world.

But unlike traditional Dim Sum, they have something more unique: Xiao Long Bao.

Xiao Long Bao is a soup-filled dumpling, if done well, can be 10 times richer in taste than a well-made Siu Mai.

Din Tai Fung perfected that art with fresh ingredients and ensuring their chefs are well-trained.

It is also Not easy to become a soup dumpling master here. To make perfect dumplings one has to have enough dedication to make sure these dumplings have at least 18 folds each and weighs perfectly.

And Din Tai Fung is not afraid to display their chefs' skills through their completely transparent glass windows that exposes the kitchen area.

Xiao Long Bao's Allure, Made Popular By Din Tai Fung

A Shanghai native, the delicacy called Xiao Long Bao was not well-known outside of the city.

But this delicacy had potential to hit it big: rich, heaty broth swirling inside a pork dumpling, enhancing the flavor of both pork and dumpling skin.

The rise of Din Tai Fung gained Xiao Long Bao a worldwide following.

Minimal Advertising

A business that relies mainly on word-of-mouth.

And continues to thrive despite minimal advertising.

This is how Din Tai Fung is able to deliver quality consistently, for they know a slip in word-of-mouth will cost them business.

Best Dishes Not Limited To Xiao Long Bao

What is more exciting for Din Tai Fung is, the best meals within these establishments are not limited to their signature soup dumplings.

Another recommended dish is their range of fried rice, especially the pork chop fried rice.

From the pork down to the rice, every ingredient perfectly captured the essence of what great fried rice should taste like: crispy pork, just enough wok hey, and not being tossed into a pool of oil.

This is where Din Tai Fung is not afraid to spend on: quality ingredients and great cooks.


Din Tai Fung is now a mark of quality for Chinese Dim Sum, no matter where they are based. Further boosted by their Michelin star accolade.