Disney - A Tale As Old As Time

If you grew up in a time filled with animated drawings combined with CGI, together with classic Disney moments and in-movie quotes, you've had the best childhood as a 90s kid.

Ian Ng

3/18/20233 min read

Disney was something in the 90s.

They were already producing classics after classics around that time, tales that one experienced and now passes them on to their children. Tales that were re-imagined by Disney itself and presented to us in different formats in theatres since.

Tarzan, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, The Lion King. Who hasn't heard of these Disney classics if you were born in the 90s?

They were amazing to look at, their stories are memorable and touching, and we can't deny that they produced amazing musicals and songs.

You Love The Heroes, You Remember The Villains Even More

Do you remember Mufasa as much as Simba? If you do, then you already know part of why these characters are so amazing. They were carefully drawn and animated just like the heroes, and the charm of these characters just pull you in. As much as we will always remember the Beast, we cannot deny the presence of Gaston as one of the symbolic Disney villains.

They Never Stop Innovating With Their Productions

Have you ever watched Treasure Planet? If you start playing the movie, you will be amazed at the difference between the animation they had compared with other older Disney movies. During that time, such animations that combined 2D elements with 3D were cutting-edge. Disney never stopped surprising us as viewers.

And who could forget, the fully 3D animated Toy Story that so many children grew up with? 'To infinity, and beyond!', anyone?

Eventually, 3D productions replaced 2D hand-drawn animations at Disney. The audience grew to love realistic animations that appear more lively and requires less time-consuming resources to create.

The Unforgettable Musicals and Songs

Just hits home. Whenever you hear 'Reflection', do you remember the good old days, just sitting in a comfy sofa in your parent's home, watching Disney shows on TV? I do. The songs are so nostalgic, they make you think of moments from your young and carefree days. And also, listening to 'I'll Make A Man Out Of You' makes me want to rewatch Mulan, over and over.

They Keep On Coming With Their Popular Live Action Series

Ever since Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow graced the silver screen for the first time, the character has robbed countless hearts in theatres. The action sequences, the comedy scenarios and the dynamic between Jack, Will Turner and Elizabeth conjured the perfect formula for box office success.

From here, Pirates of the Carribean expanded into sequel after sequel, and having its own theme park ride shows how popular the franchise came to be.

This shows that Disney is not only good with their animations. They also have the best talents for live action originals.

Another successful example is High School Musical. No one in their high school days, forgets that one.

Disneyland - Forever in Everyone's Heart

Every child wanted to go to Disneyland - the place where dreams come true. Your favorite movie characters, all come to life, and the fun theme park experience. Everything a kid ever wished for, Disneyland is where the action is.

Even as adults, going to Disneyland is the bucket list item to clear in one's lifetime.

Closing Thoughts

As the current CEO Bob Iger is back in charge, Disney is now set to be stronger than ever. Franchises under their belt like Star Wars and Marvel has a worldwide loyal fanbase that is built over years or even decades.

The new phase of Avengers, building up to the next big event after Avengers: Endgame, is on its way there.

Disney+, with their great selection of Disney movies and shows, continues to be a great competitor to the likes of HBO and Netflix.

While Peter Pan has Neverland, Disney gave us our version of Neverland in this world.