Dropbox -The Crucial Turning Point When We Get Less Reliant on Thumbdrives

Thumbdrives were once essential in handling storage in the digital space, until Dropbox arrived. Storage on physical drives simply became irrelevant pretty soon.

Ian Ng

6/27/20232 min read

a computer generated image of a computer
a computer generated image of a computer

A Founding Based On The Most Common Layman Issue

Someone is outside, far from home. Suddenly, he realized that he forgot to take his thumbdrive along with him.

Then, he started coding something based on this recurring problem.

That was how Dropbox began.

As simple as it may sound, it turned out to be something that could solve anyone's problem with storage and syncing files online.

Additional Benefits of Subscribing to Dropbox

You simply get decent storage starting from the free version. Thumbdrives' storage capacity is also determined by how expensive it costs. and they do not come cheap in the 2000s.

Dropbox Made Online Collaboration A Thing in the Work Place

Syncing, updating existing files, accessing files. These all can be done with an enterprise account from Dropbox. You get notifications when someone successfully updated a file that you both are working on.

It is a breeze when you have a cloud storage that makes working with your files so convenient, no matter which office you are based in.

Storage, Storage and More Storage

What's better than ample storage? More of it! Users can earn additional storage with Dropbox through referrals, and the maximum one can earn is 16gb which is huge at the time.

Storage is always a huge topic as tech has advanced to the point that we are able to churn out powerful computers that can handle a minimum of 500gb storage themselves.

And now there's even more on Dropbox, with a small price of 9.99 per month for a single user. 2TB worth.


Storage will always be a valuable commodity in the digital space, and Dropbox has made a great contribution to how we work today, especially when most businesses and companies are operating on a global scale.

It's just that while Dropbox may be one of the OGs of cloud storage, things are only getting harder when your competitors also figure out what you do. Google Drive and OneDrive are now common among computer users, and Dropbox is wise to have shifted its focus more on businesses and freelancers with its current suite of products.