GTA 5 - A Video Game That Surfaced At The End of the PS3 Era, And Lasted Forever

It has been an unbelievable run for GTA 5, whose popularity lasted until today since its intro to the world. How a game made for the PS3 journeyed across the timeline, let's find out.

Ian Ng

6/29/20233 min read

black sony ps 4 game controller
black sony ps 4 game controller


This time I will be talking about something different, a video game. Why a video game?

A game was expected to die with every new generation of gaming console being pushed to the masses, but GTA thrived instead.

Can GTA 5 be considered a brand? Not quite, but it is close to being associated with one. I think we can take a page from how this product is so well managed that it became legendary.

Whenever you hear GTA 5, you will surely know it is a game.

The Dawn Of The Open World Gaming Concept

In the old gaming world, there is a standard formula to playing a video game.

Pick up the controller, challenge opponents/levels/bosses, overcome these obstacles, get to the end, complete the game.

To be honest, there was nothing much to do other than defeating your enemies or accomplish your goals.

That was it until a game based on an open world concept arrived. Enter GTA.

GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto. And by the dictionary meaning, it is the action of pulling a car theft.

A befitting name for the game, as whatever this game is trying to achieve, there is no set destination. A car theft is merely one of the countless pointless actions you can do in-game. GTA was the first to do open-world so well.

You can follow through with the story line, or you can veer off the beaten path to make a name for yourself, roaming around a free world.

Interact with people, crash into things, destroy lamp posts with your car, or just hop onto the back of a truck and let the NPC take you somewhere unknown.

The possibilities are endless, and you can never repeat the same thing twice. Unless you decide to follow the story of course.

Never has gaming been like this. GTA IS Different.

The Product Came Out When Gaming Graphics Are Finally Entering A Realistic Phase

Another thing that contributed to GTA 5's longevity is the graphics. If it were to come out with those graphics from the 4th game it would have died a quick death.

The huge gap in the visual quality of those 2 is insurmountable.

Fortunately, GTA 5 was already visually pretty realistic by today's standards. It was also a time when realistic graphics started to become a thing in gaming.

GTA 5 hopped on the graphics train at the right time. It was also sold right at the end of the PS3 era.

Every subsequent update after the PS3 era is no obstacle since the graphics issue is out of the way.

Online Multiplayer Plus The YouTube Content Boost

Since it is an open world gameplay, there are many ways to experience the game. Having online multiplayer mode only made this game better.

Every mishap, every experiment, every unintentional outcome is shareable and worth doing time and time again. It gave us endless hours of entertainment and LOL moments.

Another thing that also helped was the rise of YouTube content creation.

New streamers shared their unpredictable playthroughs, and most of them were hilarious. Watching such content certainly piqued interest in those who were new to the game to pick it up. Some of these streamers eventually blossomed into big names, and continued to post GTA content.

As content creation become more and more popular, GTA 5 content came flowing in like a river filling the ocean.

GTA 5, a content mine for YouTube no doubt.

Did I Mention Expansion Packs

What is an open world game without all the possible scenarios to put players in and let them go crazy? Expansion Packs!

These expansion packs being constantly updated allows players to continue doing additional missions long after the main storyline ended.

Pulling out heist, exploring the depths of the ocean in a submarine, flying an airplane.

It's like opening a treasure box where you find more ways to wreak havoc on the world.

Genuine Dev Work

Every house, every highway, every NPC, they are all well programmed. The NPCs each have their traits, each behave in a different way.

Even muggers that you called up to do the deed each finishes the task differently.

Have you noticed the cutscenes also blend into the existing gameplay environment? One video hilariously shows Franklin and Trevor in a scene, while the NPC Trevor unintentionally triggered along the way found his way into the scene. Though it was a glitch, this shows dedicated dev work in maintaining the game as it is.


GTA 5 is a great product with timeless elements integrated into it. Great gaming concept, unlimited content, dedicated work and constantly having the right platform to grow its community, turned GTA 5 into a modern gaming masterpiece.