HBO -Everyone's Favorite Home Theatre Experience

Over the past years, we have seen the rise of video streaming services, first made popular by Netflix. Then, competitors wanted a share. Yet there is one subscription that stood the test of time, even in the pre-streaming era.

Ian Ng

5/4/20232 min read

black flat screen tv turned on near brown brick wall
black flat screen tv turned on near brown brick wall

Everyone's heard of Netflix.

It is now one of the largest video streaming services in the world, and even more so a well-known tech company amongst the giants.

Quite often, we hear of Netflix dishing out their own new series, and we are also not often interested in what's on offer for the upcoming month.

As much as we want it to be, Netflix Originals are not all created equal.

When competitors like Disney, who now owns Marvel and Star Wars franchises, come along, those movies under them left Netflix altogether to Disney+.

Such competition and changes happen often for these streaming giants.

Even though changes and competition often happen on these media platforms, one of them seemed to always be in favor of the masses, even before streaming entertainment was born.

We're talking about HBO.

HBO started out not mainly with movies, but a way for sports enthusiasts to have access to great sporting events right at home. After that, they began offering ad-free, uninterrupted licensed movies as part of their subscription.

From that one part of offering just movies to everybody at home, HBO already set itself apart from competitors from the early days. While a normal TV program flow might not suit you at certain timings, you can gather with friends and family to watch HBO movies, all day long. It is always a perfect time to get together with a HBO channel subscription.

Second point, you don't need to purchase tickets to enter crowded theatres to watch a good movie. All can be done in the comfort of your sofa.

Also, with all these movies under HBO's belt, the subscription itself is already worth more than multiple entries to a theatre.

What's more is that, HBO movies are mainstream box office titles. Those that air in grand movie theatres? You'd be sure to find one on HBO's list sometime soon. And, the majority of them are box office hits too.

While HBO content might not be all family-friendly, they certainly have more quality in their own production when compared to others.

From the unpredictable yet shocking plot of Game of Thrones, to the humor that flips you over in Silicon Valley, they have the best originals here at HBO.

It is said that the executives at HBO respect writers and appreciate great talent ever since the beginning, hence the production value is always top notch.

HBO is the OG of quality movie-grade content and production.

Whenever I want to re-watch Silicon Valley or Terminator 2: Judgement Day, I know I'll always have access to a reliable platform such as HBO.