Kellogg's - The Breakfast Cereal You Love From When You Were Young

Kellogg's is the go-to cereal for most parents in supermarkets, and always widely advertised on national televisions with a playful mascot. Our shared childhood memory.

Ian Ng

4/21/20241 min read

ceramic bowl filled with cereals and spoon
ceramic bowl filled with cereals and spoon

A Hearty Breakfast Starts With Quality Cereal

For decades, it has been a norm for the average morning person to start their day with breakfast cereals.

And a good one can really lift our spirits up.

Kellogg's Corn Flakes is one of the great ones in everyone's kitchen cabinet, or refrigerator.

The crunchiness of the flakes, pairing with freshly chilled milk from the fridge, makes a perfect combination of morning refreshment and hearty breakfast.

That formula kept bringing us back up till our grown up days.

Various Versions of Cereals Under Kellogg's

As society's appetite change and health awareness increase, Kellogg's over the years also pushed out products that caters to different categories of consumers.

Frosted Flakes gives more sweetness to a child's breakfast, while Kellogg's Special provides us a healthier corn flake meal for breakfast.

Who Could Forget The Kellogg's Tiger?

One thing about Kellogg's as a brand is its mascot, the tiger. It is as iconic as what corn flakes are to Kellogg's.

Tony the Tiger has been running in commercials ever since the beginning of corn flake time. The jolly and lively tiger is never intimidating and always brings joy to those who watch him on TV.

Now More Than Just Cereals

Kellogg's business also expanded into snacks, aside from its own range of new-age cereal products.

Brands like: Pop-Tarts, Pringles and Cheez-It is now managed under another entity named Kellanova, while WK Kellogg Co continues to carry most of the Kellogg's cereal brands.

Breakfast Cereals Continue to Rule Our Mornings

With a market size of around USD 40 billion and up as we are speaking, Kellogg's future continues to be bright as it is today.

Breakfast habits are hard to break, after all.