LEGO - A Brand That Brings Out The Kid In You

This will be my first post, and it will be a brand that brought joy to every generation of kids around the world, now even adults get to enjoy the fun of assembling a LEGO set.

2/3/20233 min read

blue red and yellow lego blocks
blue red and yellow lego blocks

LEGO - A Toy That Certainly Was One Of Your Favorites When You Were Young

What would you think of when LEGO is mentioned during a normal conversation with an adult friend? It will most likely be about nostalgia.

How you grew up through the years, never missing an opportunity to look through the window when the new overpriced LEGO set is now available, but mom and dad always bring up the issue of how a new LEGO set costs a couple of good restaurant meals and how you should focus more on studying instead.

And imagine the joy on your face when you finally get those sets. Or when you finally unboxed the LEGOs and finished building them out.

Design and Customization Options in Abundance

I believe to every child of my era; LEGO is something beautiful. The way the tiny little figures look, their signature head, torso and legs are so perfectly designed.

They are so unique yet so pleasing to the eyes, detachable and connectable to other torsos due to the uniform structure of each LEGO figurine. Talk about customization, this was one of the earliest forms I came to know in the form of toys.

Even more so, their accessories are equally magnificent. Swords, hats, sticks, batons, and the like, so delicate and beautiful. One tiny click and you’ll know that these accessories are attached onto the hands or head, perfectly.

Pair these tiny little figurines with a few random LEGO bricks, and you already have a full-on Voltron or Zord, ready to battle one another.

For me, I like these figure designs even down to the bones. I do mean literal skeleton versions. So much attention given to the tiny little skeletons that their hand and legs are designed to be wiggly yet looking so cute. I would always bring these skeletons along to the battlefield.

Have You Ever Clashed Both Your LEGO Figurines Together?

With figurines so tiny, there are literally endless possibilities you could play with LEGO.

Role-play, attempting to throw two figurines into each other to simulate a sword fight, and for the later iterations, they even got laser sticks shooting out of spacecraft, like Star Wars. No matter which set they belong to, they are all fit for the battlefield, from a boy's perspective.

You could even twist them into certain positions and make them stay that way as long as you want. Perfect for decorating your empty wall rack in your bedroom.

I mean, there are honestly millions of things you can do with your LEGOs.

LEGO Comes to Life! In Theatres

As LEGO evolve over the years, we see movies after movies being produced, further pushing the appeal of having a LEGO to the young, and the young at heart.

Who would have known, these toy sets that were usually pushed to us with random everyday themes would have a movie produced and shown in theatres?

The fun and humour driven plot of these movies, combined with licensing of certain high profile Sci-Fi movies, gives everyone, from 8 to 80, an unforgettable movie experience.

One thing I love about these movies is that I get to enjoy their fluid movements from one scene to another, something that we can’t do to our LEGOs in real life.

Would you like to see your LEGO come to life too? Go grab a LEGO movie to watch!

Brand Collaborations Make LEGO More Interesting Than Ever

And you thought LEGO would stop there. It’s far from over guys.

LEGO constantly do collaborations with popular brands like F1, Adidas, Ikea, and even Levi’s to further boost their exposure to the masses.

Have you ever seen a life-sized LEGO shoe? Well, they did it for Adidas. You can even own a mini-size Santiago Bernabéu stadium, the training ground of the famous Real Madrid Football Club!

At this point in time LEGO is everywhere.

Closing Thoughts

LEGO has become such a phenomenon over the years, so much so that it attracts speculative investments to the space. Collectors will acquire certain licensed sets so that they are able to flip a profit in the future, especially after these sets are retired by the brand.

However, the brand carries my memories as a child, and I certainly hope that they continue to do well for years and generations to come.

If LEGO as a brand no longer exists one day, I would surely leave a few sets, put them into exhibition stands, and pass them on to my future generations to take care of.

Don't sell them please, my kids from the future.