Liquid Death - What Goes Into A Drink

A drink that drives curiosity is now a successful business - and it's not what you think it is.

Ian Ng

4/2/20241 min read

clear drinking glass with water
clear drinking glass with water

The Most Epic Name For A Drink

What does the word 'Liquid Death' make you think when you see one can of it, resting on the shelf of a convenience store?

Surely lots of people will gather together to figure this thing out.

'No way something like this is going to make it to a store'

But once someone decided to buy this, they had already placed their faith in the brand.

The Truth

It is just - plain water packaged behind a well-thought-out brand name.

Inspiration? The likes of Monster Energy drinks.

But it had its fair share of trials and tribulations before it made it onto retail shelves.

Founder had to prove to suppliers that this is worth that shelf space, and it is going to sell.

Liquid Death is now a 700 million dollar business.

The Social Media Experiment

Founder of Liquid Death had a task: to prove that the concept can have the backing of netizens. So he had a friend who's also a model do the commercial.

Commercial content: being serious explaining a water joke.

It went viral, and founder had the metrics he needed to actually launch this brand.

Killing Thirst and Plastics

Staying true to the brand name, Liquid Death plays to the masses in terms of being a form of refreshment, and also a brand that cares about the environment.

Drink is being marketed as sourced from the Austrian Alps, and Liquid Death water is packaged in tall boy cans instead of plastic bottles.

This form of canning of water is a venture not many dared to take, as it will be costly to execute for water suppliers.

Therefore, founder Mike Cessario had to travel to Europe to work with a supplier that have the capability of canning water in their factories.


The cult following built around Liquid Death's punk rock and death metal fans pushed the brand to come out with initiatives to keep these themes going. Citing one example, 'Greatest Hates'.