Microsoft - Where The Big Bang Of Personal Computers Began

Microsoft applications are an essential part of computers - They were the first to create great UI and easy-to-use apps, for business and retail users.

Ian Ng

4/28/20242 min read

Red Surface laptop on a checkered bed by a window
Red Surface laptop on a checkered bed by a window

Arriving At The Age Of Personal Computers

When personal computers first came out, it wasn't that colorful and interesting like our wallpapers on start up.

The earliest version was mainly a black screen lined with codes.

You had to actually know how to input code to activate its processes.

Microsoft Made Things Accessible

Microsoft at the time, had a pretty obvious thing to do: to make PCs easy to access to the most people possible.

In came Microsoft Windows.

This was true innovation back then. When Windows starts up, you knew what was happening to your computer.

When you had to wait for the PC to fully start up, where to look for your applications and files, how to connect to the internet.

It was in all, a very smooth user interface that made computing easy.

Windows Is Just The Beginning

Progressing through time, Microsoft started to promote more innovations that could outperform its competitors.

Excel for example, gave control of presenting tabular data back to the people. It is simple to master and fast to generate considerable results, making this something that corporations want for their employees.


Microsoft was all about applications. But one problem Microsoft had in its early days, is the ability to defend against malware.

Those were the painful moments when my computer was connected to the internet. I had to rely on Antivirus from other companies to secure my PC.

The proliferation of malware in the early internet days pushed antivirus companies to build better products for each update, and this gave birth to a huge cybersecurity industry today.

Unfortunately, Windows in the early 2000s had limited ability to prevent or clear malware, unlike their Windows Defender today.

Piracy was also a concern for Microsoft's Windows application.

Microsoft implements a yearly subscription-based business model for its usage.

The average consumer had to find clever ways to circumvent the pay-to-use model, like borrowing the latest Windows discs from their friends and relatives, or even using pirated copies of Windows on their PC.

Pushing Society Into The Age of AI

The introduction of ChatGPT to the world last year further highlights Microsoft as a great influence in tech today.

The brand has been in partnership with OpenAI years ago, since its inception.

And now with AI imbued inside Edge's browser, our surfing experience is further elevated with more intelligent and comprehensive search results.