Nescafe - The Premium Coffee Brand, Now In Your Home

Nowadays, Nescafe is on a roll with their Nespresso capsules and their mini baristas, in the form of coffee machines, are a pretty welcome addition to coffee lovers who like to enjoy theirs at home.

Ian Ng

10/9/20232 min read

coffee beans on gray coffee racks
coffee beans on gray coffee racks

Nescafe Is Premium Coffee, In This Age

These days, Nescafe is going big with their marketing, having George Clooney and other celebrities on commercials for years now.

Those tablets, and those coffee machines are now a staple in professional and business environments. They even push these machines to hospitality sectors and offices on their website!

The fact that you can now own premium-tasting coffee at the touch of a button is just great.

Born Out Of Necessity, Stayed For Worldwide Demand

The brand was born out of the need of the Brazilian government to combat coffee surplus in the country. These excess coffee beans are to be sold to the masses for consumption as soon as possible.

After years of trial and error, Nestle finally found a solution to make coffee soluble in the form of powder.

Since then, Nestle continued to push coffee products to other nations, which turned out to be well-received by their people too. Nescafe then became a thriving business under Nestle.

The Rise of Cafe Culture

Ever since the 2000s, the proliferation of Third Wave coffees accelerated the rise of cafe culture. Aromatic brews from cafes start to get overwhelming attention from young people. These places are usually instagram-worthy, clean and cosy, just like a Starbucks.

From here, drinking coffees became something of a premium, where the cup of coffee you have in your hands is surely to have that fragrant smell from those lightly roasted, farm-sourced beans.

Then Came The Nespresso Machines

Cafes converted people into coffee enthusiasts, even craving them from home.

Whenever people want great coffee at home, they mostly are too lazy to do things that a barista would. A barista is also trained in brewing, which is not what most people are meant to be.

Nescafe capitalized on this opportunity and came out with mini baristas in the form of bite-sized coffee machines, capable of automatically brewing good coffee at the touch of a button.

Nespresso Machines Are Pretty Hard To Miss, For A Good Reason

More and more marketing efforts are being brought to the table, for example: Nescafe actively setting up roadshows to give away complimentary coffees made with their proprietary machines.

These events continuously remind people that Nespresso is not just about the coffee beans, but how we make coffee an essential part of our daily lives.

Will Nespresso live a long life? Well in today's culture of people finding quick ways to get their coffee, this trend is going to stick for a pretty long time.