Nestle - A Brand That Nourishes Every Household With Quality Products

The brand that is especially well-known in Southeast Asia, owns labels that are now a part of every household's cookbook or nutritional needs.

Ian Ng

6/28/20232 min read

kitkat sticker
kitkat sticker

Nestle, A Name You Will Often Hear In Southeast Asia

Imagine a company that has every form of nutrition it can provide you at every stage of your life. A company that stayed within your culture for a fairly long time, and somehow helped shaped your cultural values.

A company you thought was founded locally, but no. That's how deep the Nestle brand runs in people's mind in Southeast Asia.

From young, we heard of Milo, and had them big tin cans stashed somewhere in the kitchen cabinet. Certain types of Milo had certain taste, but the tastiest were the ones produced from the school vendor trucks.

Icy cool, smooth and just the right amount of sweetness.

And when you feel like adding cereals to your bowl of milk, you would pour from a box of Koko Krunch, those chocolate malt cereals are just great enough to munch on while drenched in milk.

It also adds more flavor to the milk, so now you can gulp down the milk whole when you're done with the cereals.

Milo, Koko Krunch, Maggi. To Southeast Asia, these are no strangers to the locals. They grew up with them, in ads and real life. And they are all owned by Nestle.

Essential Cookbook Ingredients - Also Nestle's

Every household in Asia surely has its own soup dish, and no surprise here, Maggi has the flavorings for a great concoction of tasty, nourishing soup.

Hungry but no time? Try Maggi instant noodles. Maggi noodles caters to local tastes like the love for curry, fried dry noodles, Tom Yum and much more.

That is how Nestle contributed to our culture of food. And the outcome is always delicious meals on the table.

Continuous Innovation Through The Years

Being creative and bold is always what Nestle does. It shows through their continuously updated offerings.

Now, you can have those school truck Milos by just buying a bottle from your neighborhood grocers.

You want a KitKat chocolate that gives you more than just 4 thin bars? Now you can get one thick KitKat bar that has more value than your traditional 4-bars.


All these Nestle brands and their popularity shows that Nestle is dedicated to RnD to give us the best versions of their F&B products.

And they have the local experience and know how to give them to us, in this part of the world.

Sometimes, on-the-ground experience gives you an advantage in knowing and fulfilling society's needs.