Netflix - The Company That Gave Us Streaming Movies

When times change, businesses that found ways to adapt will last. The Netflix story is pretty well-known, built on the foundation of a dying tradition of having movies run on DVD players.

Ian Ng

10/28/20232 min read

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red and black x sign

Netflix Reminds Us Of How Old DVD Players Are

The good old days of watching a rented movie on DVD players. It seemed like they will be here forever as long as we have TVs in our households.

But no one could predict what kind of innovation the internet could provide.

Data transmission speed became faster and faster, with capabilities evolving from text-based to voice calls and image processing.

Everything seemed possible with just the internet. Then came digital video players. What followed was YouTube, the more efficient and less resource-intensive video platform for everyone to upload and view user-generated content.

Netflix's competitor Blockbuster eventually went bankrupt as people started shifting online to view video content and movies.

More Ways To Watch, Without Just Sticking To The Screen The Entire Day

Keyword for the Apple generation: Devices. Since we could watch video content on tablets, smartphones, laptops with just adequate internet speed, there is no need to have a DVD player and a TV is just a great addition when you need Netflix movies on-the-go.

Netflix works fantastic on every device no matter which one we chose to watch on.

Movies and More, All In One Affordable Subscription

Netflix as a streaming service, stores a collection of movies, licensed or self-produced where we can access anytime from our subscription account. It is definitely better than having to rent or purchase movie one-by-one just to watch them.

And most of us these days are short on time. Movie theatre trips are just a luxury that we only can afford during our off days. The obvious choice is still Netflix, and other streaming services.

Talented People Work For Netflix Too

Modern-day Netflix is one of the big five tech companies, FAANG. Hiring quality software engineers isn't cheap, and Netflix is not holding back in this department.

We Can Never Get Tired of Streaming Entertainment

As streaming services update their offerings frequently, there is more than enough new series and movies to go by, in our internet data-hungry society.

Even more so, recommendations keep on popping up on the service the more times you use it. This provides consumers an endless flow of entertainment options, all day long.

Netflix is for now, the future of movie and TV entertainment, and it's not showing any signs of slowing down.