Nike - The Brand That Didn't Expect Jordan To Outperform Their Sales For Decades

Recently, a movie called Air, aired on the big screen. Story revolves around Michael Jordan's Air Jordan by Nike. Let's take a look at one of the most prominent sports brand in the world, that already made their mark long ago.

Ian Ng

6/9/20232 min read

Nike logo on a building
Nike logo on a building

The moment Nike signed a deal with Michael, he was yet to be the superstar he’s supposed to. Somehow, Nike’s bet on Jordan paid off and from then on, the Jordan brand solidified the superstar’s money-making ability with the brand, and it lasted till today.

The Jordan Brand to date has expanded into various casuals and sportswear unrelated to basketball.

But what is more inspiring about this brand story is its long-lasting motto of ‘Just Do It’.

Spurred by a need in the 80s to start transitioning to a healthy and active lifestyle for the average American, Nike came out with that simple slogan of ‘Just Do It’. Everyone could use a ‘just do it’ to motivate themselves, in times they don’t feel like wanting to exercise. The slogan also serves as a push to professional athletes to push their limits to achieve success in sports.

A simple yet memorable swoosh logo, paired with an easy-to-remember slogan ensured that Nike will in our minds all the time.

From the 90s to now, Nike gave us decades of top quality and well-designed sports shoes. Everything associated with the brand is the industry standard.

Together with Adidas, Puma and other sporting brands that are still here, Nike has made history themselves such that when we buy something from Nike, it is certainly one with impeccable performance and quality.

It is no wonder that Nike associate themselves with quality early on. In their early days, they focus on being close to athletes, designing and producing shoes around them so that they get the best performance out there.

Aside from this, Nike always does effective changes to their operations to make sense of rising trends. Looking at their categorisation of sports into running, training, basketball and football, Nike is able to push more products out into retail on each of these category, hence providing consumers more variety when they browse at their areas of interest. This also boosted the average spending from each customer for they will surely look at more than one category, even more so if they come as a family.

Now, we even see Nike activating retail mode online. With such a wide outreach in almost every culture imaginable, Nike has the power to do things right even in the online world. This time, they are going to do it in the most customer-centric way as possible.

All along, we see world-renowned sporting athletes either wearing Nike or its main competitors. Nike's reach to almost all aspects of the casuals and the sports market, makes it akin to the Coca Cola brand of today. It is Everywhere. Football and basketball clubs sponsorships, athlete endorsements, quality ads, when it is sports, Nike is sure to be around these days.

Do you recognize the Converse brand? It is now under Nike, and still beloved by teens and young adults alike. You do see them on the streets quite often too, don't you?Even if we are unable to afford the high-end sporting gears, we do have the ability to spend some cash on Nike casuals.

Everything that has to do with sports, Nike sure does have a touch on it. And everything as an extension of Nike, has a mark of quality in it. It's just the spirit of innovation from the company that always tells you to 'Just Do It'.