Nintendo - Probably Your First Foray Into The Gaming World

If you ever had a GameBoy Color when you were a kid, you played Nintendo's games. And if Nintendo lives a long life, the legacy that they created through gaming itself is one good reason it does.

Ian Ng

6/9/20241 min read

blue and black digital device
blue and black digital device

Nintendo Was A Gaming Revolution

In the 90s, Nintendo was something. Everyone knew who they were, for the company that introduced Game Boy to the world also had equally awesome games for their pocket console.

Pocket consoles like Game Boy was unprecedented as an idea back then.

And if you have played a game called Pokemon on your Game Boy, you already know how awesome that game turned out to be on that platform.

Game Boy Continues Its Evolution

Game Boy didn't stop at its original design and function.

As technology progresses, a new iteration of Game Boy with new features surfaced.

The Nintendo DS line followed, and won over a massive audience as well.

From Kid-Friendly To Family-Friendly

On the console gaming side, Nintendo punches its own weight among competitors, but not until Nintendo Wii got introduced in the 2000s.

This version of the company's gaming console brought in a whole new segment of the market into gaming, and served the widest audience that game publishers would hope for: the whole family.

That itself is already a game-changer.

Nintendo Wii drove the demand for casual family games in the gaming market for years to come.

Iconic Nintendo Characters

If there is anything that represents Nintendo, the iconic gaming characters themselves speak volumes.

No one forgets the likes of the Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Link, Princess Zelda and all other cute characters from the Nintendo universe, even the villains.

Carrying On The Legacy of Pocket Gaming Consoles

The current version of a Nintendo console presents itself as: Nintendo Switch.

It is still a handheld console, but with the ability to split into a 2-player controller like a PlayStation.

Docking your Nintendo Switch onto the TV screen enables a full-fledged video gaming experience at the comfort of your home.

With respect to tradition and intention to expand its advantage into the unknown, Nintendo represents the past, present and future of gaming.