Nvidia - From Gaming to Generative AI

Nvidia has just surpassed a 1 trillion dollar market cap recently. Do you know why your favorite graphic cards company is suddenly making the headlines? There is more than meets the eye for the company's business apparently.

Ian Ng

6/14/20232 min read

a close up of a video game controller
a close up of a video game controller

Nvidia - A Brilliant Idea of A Business that Became Even Better With Time

It was the early days of PC gaming. Also, no one thought gaming on a laptop was even possible.

What do you do when you have a PC game that consumes great computing resources? The first thing that comes to mind is a graphics card. The holy solution to your graphic-intense games. There is where you find Nvidia.

Graphics card opened up the possibility of better-looking games to be developed, to the point that they have God of War-level ultra-realism today. Every dedicated PC games collector would know of Nvidia right from the beginning. Without its graphics cards none of those PC games would be playable.

From there we learned that whenever Nvidia graphics card is included within a PC, it runs visually aesthetic PC games no doubt.

Customised Gaming Rigs Enter the Scene

From Nvidia graphics cards' processing power, serious gamers started building custom PCs built solely for gaming, one that consumes intense computing resources. These modifications would eventually arrive at efforts to build specific gaming PC/laptop brands, focused solely on a better gaming experience for the new era.

And boy, does the world like gaming. Gaming takes us out of reality, allows us to take control of at least one part of our lives, and some games were even developed to improve certain conditions on illness. Gaming is now a multiple billion-dollar industry in 2023, and expected to boom in the coming years.

Allowing Customers to Tinker with Its Products

Nvidia took it up another notch by letting its customers tinker with its graphic cards later on.

They wanted to see what customers can do with these computing power in graphics cards. One prominent result is the birth of Bitcoin mining rigs, benefitting from the mathematical computing Nvidia is able to provide to mine block rewards.

The subsequent growth in Bitcoin stimulated more demand for Nvidia's graphics cards, indirectly contributing to its revenue.

Dipping Toes into Machine Learning

What Nvidia did later on, is giving its focus on a field that's associated with machine learning, by powering the AlexNet neural network.

Here is where the focus on AI began, back in 2012.

And Finally, The Microsoft Acquisition of OpenAI

Microsoft acquiring OpenAI only serves as more good news for Nvidia. After all these years, they are ready to take on the market, but the sudden surge in demand resulting from the sudden AI boom poses a challenge for the company to keep up with the supply.

The occurence of this event pushed Nvidia to cross the trillian-dollar valuation, a feat that only a handful of tech companies manage to achieve to this day.

Glad to See An Important Member of Computing + Gaming History Back In The News.