Reddit - A Place on the Internet Where Community Truly Thrives

The front page of the internet has a name. Whenever one asks a question or looks for opinion and suggestions, Reddit inevitably pops up on their search results.

Ian Ng

3/24/20241 min read

the word reddit written in white type on a black background
the word reddit written in white type on a black background

A Forum For The Internet Community

A place on the internet where users share information, opinion, guides and memes.

A place where it isn't just about daily status updates.

That's what Reddit is all about. Users head over when they needed to search for a group, an item, or some guidance on certain topics.

When you ask an unusually long question on Google, relevant Reddit questions will pop up each time at the top of your search results.

Reddit Lingo

One of the most popular lingo of Reddit is the term: TL:DR, the short form of Too Long, Didn't Read. Meaning to summarize what is happening on the thread itself.

ELI5 - Explain It Like I'm 5 - explanation of the topic in super simple terms.

There's more - you'll need to slowly discover them by being an active Redditor.

Subreddit - Every topic under the Sun

Whenever there is a specialized topic about something that's worth discussing, a subreddit will be created.

Reddit has millions of subreddits catering to every topic under the sun, safe or unsafe for work.

With the surge of users on the platform, bots and spams are inevitable. Moderation had to be done to make sure Reddit remains a safe place for the online community.

This is where karma points come in.

Karma points

The points speak for themselves - the more good karma points you get, the better reputation you have on Reddit.

As karma points do go into the negatives, having these means that you are trolling or spamming. Negative karma might prevent you from posting in threads that require some karma points, or limit the time you are allowed to post.

Otherwise, they are dubbed "useless internet points" by the internet.