Samsung - Innovation and Quality Always Comes First

The giant electronics retailer has always been dedicated to produce quality and new products, with lots of research placed behind them. From high definition displays to smartphones, Samsung has always been synonymous with quality.

Ian Ng

5/10/20232 min read

person holding white android smartphone
person holding white android smartphone

Apple's long-term rival, Samsung, has more history than just the current wave of endless smartphones.

And they have been dedicated to produce quality electronics ever since the 90s, before changing the world with their smartphones.

Perhaps if you were born in the 90s, one thing you can think of when it comes to Samsung as a brand, is probably one of their refrigerators or washing machines. These can be found in almost every household, and whenever you came across a Samsung product, it is more or less one type of electronics or the other. Their offerings were in abundant in retail stores.

Even though the main sell in the 90s through the 2000s was electronics, Samsung's products were always a mark of quality. This dedication to quality can be traced back to their research prowess and continued commitment to innovation.

Over the years, they made plenty of amazing creations. 64M DRAM, MP3 phone, and their iconic high quality LED displays.

How Samsung managed to stay relevant to this day, is their commitment and keeping up with trends since the early 2000s.

They were starting to focus more on developing feature-rich mobile phones. After iterations of mobile phones, we enter the smartphone era, mainly dominated by the pioneer, Apple Inc.

And little did we know, Samsung supplied semiconductors for Apple's products right before they became direct competitors.

Today, you'll notice no difference in quality between phones produced by these 2 companies. Herein lies the commitment to RnD and dedication to give the consumers the highest quality product out there. Although Apple has always been emphasizing the quality of their product build and the aesthetics, Samsung smartphones don't look half bad without the metallic finishing of iPhones.

Speaking of innovation, Samsung always introduce new physical features to their latest Samsung offerings, like the Galaxy Note S Pen stylus, or the curved-edge display of the Galaxy Edge.

As they are expert in their field when it comes to LED displays, Samsung does produce high resolution phones with their own technology.

On the software side, the Android system's open source nature enables Samsung to surprise us with feature-rich phones, with functions that we sometimes don't bother to explore at all.

And ever noticed how every iteration of the latest Samsung phone has more capacity compared to the latest iPhones, even if they are on different tiers? That is how Samsung go about it, offering the best performance and storage to consumers.

When it comes to marketing, Samsung is worlds apart from the typical Apple commercials. While Apple focuses on exclusivity, clean, minimalist and functional ones, Samsung always try to market their products in a more fun way, that also focus on the main features they are pushing to the audience.

Different marketing tactics appeal to different segment of customers. Samsung surely captured the attention of theirs.

Samsung at this moment, continues to rule in its own way. The smartphone market is no longer a one-horse race, it is rather you like Apple, or you like Samsung. Or you switched to either at one point. To date, Samsung continues to play an important role in consumer electronics/smartphone.