Stanley - A Brand That Reinvented Itself To Success, While Being Viral Online

A Stanley Quencher found unscathed from a car crash gained worldwide attention on the brand. But the transition behind the Stanley brand is what drives its success into the future.

Ian Ng

3/19/20241 min read

sliced orange fruits underwater
sliced orange fruits underwater

A Brand Initially Built For One Demographic

Stanley started out differently than the brand it is today.

It was first built for practicality, and was only marketed to one demographic: blue collar workers, who need their mugs to retain heat or coolness wherever they go.

Needless to say when it comes to looks, 'macho' is written all over the original Stanley mug as it is bulky and had one color on it: grey.

The Classic Legendary Mug was the bestseller all along for the brand that ran for 100+ years.

Slow Transition To More Variety

It isn't until recent years that Stanley started to have different iterations of their mugs created.

Mugs that are smaller in volume so that they become easier to carry around.

The change was a little conservative at first, but one design became particularly appealing.

They called it the Quencher.

It was a standard classic legendary flipped on its head, but makes the whole product stand out in a good way.

And also lighter in design.

Online Personalities and Influencers Made Stanley Big

The CEO mentioned that Stanley had the potential to be big, and the online personalities that recommended the Quenchers had a big role in it.

The color change was a big step Stanley had to take to cater to a new and proven demographic.

And it worked.

Soon these colorful mugs were all over TikTok and its health-related hashtags, and every young working mum, dad and cool kid started to notice the brand.


Long-running brand + colorful mugs fit for collectors + contemporary and convenient design + celebrity endorsement = everything Stanley was equipped with to achieve modern-day success.