The Playstation - Long-term Champion of the Gaming Console Category

From the first tiny Playstation right to the huge PS5 machine you see now, the PS is one huge gaming brand that emphasize great controls and even greater selection of games through the decades.

Ian Ng

5/5/20232 min read

black Sony PS2 controller on white surface
black Sony PS2 controller on white surface

The most iconic gaming console of the early 2000s, is none other than the Playstation 1.

Game visuals were starting to get more realistic, and the PS1 is one that was home to games that are starting to adopt greater graphics than a 2D platformer like Mario. 3D games were just at the beginning, and PS1 was the one that carried them over to the millennium.

Other than that, people were also getting tired of game consoles that don't seem to get the user experience part right. More often than not, you'll find the teeny rubber buttons on other similar game consoles too hard to press, or sometimes the response wasn't registered on the screen.

That was where the PS1 shines.

The iconic design of the controllers features 2 handles that can actually fit into everyone's hands, navigation buttons and the classic square, circle, triangle and cross. These buttons are firm and made of plastic that at least when you clicked on them, you know that the action was done and should have performed the 'Shoryuken' visual.

However, a gaming console will remain as is without games that it can play with.

Right from the first generation, we already have games like Final Fantasy, Crash Bandicoot, Tekken 3, and from the PS2 onward, the selection of quality games just exploded, with the proliferation of greater 3D graphics-based games.

The most advantage the PS has over its competitors, is the exclusive titles they have on single player games. Do note that single player is one big thing when it comes to console gaming, as they were built exactly for that, even more so when internet connection isn't a concern for early day consoles. It is only in recent years gaming consoles start to emphasize on network connections for multiplayer modes.

While devices like Nintendo's tend to focus on their brands like Mario and more family-friendly ones, PS4 has it all when it comes to other categories of hits.

Street Fighter, Onimusha, Lord of the Rings, God of War, every single category of popular games, you name it, they have it.

Over the years, even though there are other gaming console competitors like Xbox and the previously-mentioned Nintendo, they were never getting bigger than the PlayStation.

Of course, the PS as a console itself also evolved as the years go by.

DVD-playing capabilities, motion-sensors for QTE(quick-time events), headphone support, Wifi detection with internet browsing, the newer generations of PS gave the audience new experiences, which are all welcome moves to an already impressive gaming device. Now you can not only game like a PC gamer, but also do more.

And with the PS5, the features are getting better. Remote Play enables you to access your own PS5 game on another PS5, while Share Screen enables you to watch another teammate in picture-in-picture mode while you are playing. To be honest, the PS5 is heading to space.

In a gaming industry that's booming for years to come, PlayStation is already in the right place and ready to take on the next gaming challenge with their long-standing reputation and innovative minds.